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BIBCL5.8: Frankenstein Book Worm Hole

Frankenstein Book

Frankenstein Book Worm Hole

It’s time for our final thoughts on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. JP gives his typical random rating; Rebecca gives her typical meandering explanation of the book’s literary influences. Then it’s on to the Frankenstein Book Worm Hole: How could this book have avoided all the conflict, and just skipped to the end? Well, there are a couple of choices…

Image credits:
Pig engraving via Wikimedia Commons.
Audio file credits:
Dvořák, Serenade for Strings in E Major, Op. 22…tempo di valse, courtesy K&K VerlagsanstaltHamlet, Act 3 Scene 1, courtesy SpokenVerse.; Titus Andronicus, Act 4 Scene 2, courtesy LibriVox, edited by Arielle Lipshaw; brass band Can Can courtesy Desford Colliery Band

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